Director's Desk

Dear Students,

Welcome to SSDH. It is my honor to take you on the journey of preparing you for the wonderful career in the fast growing and rewarding field of hospitality. We have trained thousands of students for their dream career in hospitality. We measure our success when our students climb the rungs of ladder in their organizations to take on leadership roles.

The mentoring and personalized coaching will be the way our teachers and staff will carry you through the journey of your course program.  The innovative and reflective learning experience will unlock your potential. With this unique combination of our delivery, active involvement of your family, and your willingness to mould, this partnership will shape you to be successful dynamic hoteliers of tomorrow.

We will handhold you throughout your course duration and will always be there for you even after you fly out of the nest of SSDH. Our interactive programs will prepare you to face challenges and learn through the opportunities and grow as a person stronger from the outside and the inside.

Success will then be a by-product of all your sincere efforts. I invite you to an exciting career in hospitality. God bless you abundantly.

Sangeeta Ranjit